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What is it?

Digital Connect Check-In provides a group of services that manage Passenger seats in reservation.

Rather than display multiple, detailed seat maps for eachPpassenger, the Digital Connect Check-In services consumer can display a seat map to the agent, who can verify the details of each Passenger using the same seat map.

Why use it?

The /dcci/seats service provides the following functionality:

  • DELETE /dcci/seats/cancel

This service supports canceling seats.

  • POST /dcci/seats/seatmap

This service is used to retrieve seat maps for a list of flights and Ppassengers. It supports free seats, paid seats (with seat discounts and entitlements applied by dynamic retailer rules), and seat bundles.

  • POST /dcci/seats/select

Seat selection supports Passenger seat assignment and seat change on a flight. These tasks can be performed in both pre- and post-check-in to manage free seats, paid seats, and seat bundles. It supports the following scenarios:

  1. Free seat to free-seat change
  2. Paid seat to paid-seat change
  3. Free seat to paid-seat change
  4. Paid seat to free-seat change.

Note Any change of a paid seat after the seat is paid for is not supported.