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What is it?

Digital Connect Check-In is used to manage a passenger's seats in a reservation using functionalities like cancel seats, retrieve seat maps, select seats, and exchange seats.

Why use it?

The group of /dcci/seats services provide the following functionalities:

  • DELETE /dcci/seats/cancel
    This service supports canceling seats.

  • POST /dcci/seats/seatmap
    This service is used to retrieve seat maps for a list of flights and passengers. It supports free seats, paid seats (with seat discounts and entitlements applied by dynamic retailer rules), and seat bundles.

  • POST /dcci/seats/select
    Seat selection supports passenger seat assignment and seat change on a flight. These tasks can be performed in both pre- and post-check-in to manage free seats, paid seats, and seat bundles.
    It supports the following scenarios:

    • free seat to free-seat change
    • paid seat to paid-seat change
    • free seat to paid-seat change
    • paid seat to free-seat change
  • POST /dcci/seats/exchange/price
    Exchange price service supports the functionality of exchanging already paid seats. It prices the new seats and returns information about the type of exchange and the price of the seat exchange transaction.
    Types of exchange operations:

    • EXCHANGE_ADD_COLLECT - exchange with additional collection
    • EXCHANGE_RESIDUAL - exchange with refund of residual value
    • EXCHANGE_EVEN - even exchange
    • REASSOCIATE - reassociation
    • ISSUE - issue of a new Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD)