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DCCI API Baggage

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What is it?

Digital Connect Check-In provides a group of services that administers baggage associated with a Passenger’s reservation.

Why use it?

The /dcci/baggage service provides the following functionality:

  • POST /dcci/baggage/book

This service is used to book a baggage. The bag pricing service should be invoked before booking a bag so that the baggage allowance can be checked, and the baggage price calculated.

  • DELETE /dcci/baggage/cancel

This service is used to remove unpaid, booked baggage from a reservation.

  • POST /dcci/baggage/checkin

This service is used to check in baggage. If there is a baggage fee required, then the payment service should be invoked to allow the Passenger to pay for the bag(s).

  • POST /dcci/baggage/fees

This service allows to retrieve effective allowance and the baggage price rates.

  • POST /dcci/baggage/price

This service calculates baggage fees based on the number of bags, as well as the weight and size of each bag. During the calculation process, the baggage allowance is considered so the Passenger knows the exact amount of the baggage fee.

  • POST /dcci/baggage/price/stateless

This service allows to calculate baggage charges without calling the /passenger/details service before.

  • POST /v2/dcci/baggage/update

This service allows to update the baggage information.