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DCCI API Ancillaries

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What is it?

Digital Connect Check-In offers a group of services to manage ancillaries associated with a reservation.

Why use it?

The /dcci/ancillaries service provides the following functionality:

  • POST /dcci/ancillaries/associate/emd

The service is used to associate Passenger’s AirExtra (AE) with the existing Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD).

  • POST /dcci/ancillaries/book

This service is used to book an ancillary. It should be invoked after using the /dcci/ancillaries/offers service so that a Passenger can retrieve all eligible ancillaries for their flight.

  • DELETE /dcci/ancillaries/cancel

This service is used to remove any booked, unpaid ancillary from a reservation.

  • GET /dcci/ancillaries/offers

The service is used to retrieve cached list of the ancillary offers.

  • POST /dcci/ancillaries/offers

This service retrieves all ancillaries for which a Passenger is eligible to purchase for a flight.

Note Any ancillary types that are to be returned can be filtered.

  • POST /dcci/ancillaries/update

The service is used by agents to update AirExtra (AE) price with values calculated manually.