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UserCriteria service

Airline Carrier
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What is it?

Custom attributes give the ability to drive pricing campaigns by leveraging custom attributes available on Point of Sale level.  Custom attribute can be 'any' criterion available on the Point of Sale side about the passenger preferences / hobbies / interests which can be used in the pricing formula or data which can be used in training the Machine Learning model. For example we would like to offer different seat prices depending on customer profile and differentiate business person from a family. 

This service enables storing custom user criteria that are relevant in the process of seats pricing performed by QPX-m. It fits into Digital Connect flows. Criteria stored by this service are used by stateful seats services.

How it works

PUT /userCriteria

Stores/overwrites custom attributes in the session.

GET /userCriteria

Retrieves custom attributes that were previously stored in the session.