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dc-core-stateless Insurances

Airline Carrier
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What is it?

The dc/insurances service calls MTS Insurance Service to determine if there are insurance products available for the itinerary. The airline can format this information and display it to the passenger. The passengers can also select and purchase insurance offers and add them to their PNR.

How it works


This service retrieves a list of available insurance offers.

dc/insurances/book Service

This service purchases insurance and adds the insurance product to the itinerary.

The insurance services are stateless.The server does not store any state about the client session on the server side. Statelessness means that every HTTP request happens in complete isolation. When the client makes a HTTP request, it includes all information necessary for the server to fulfill that request. The server never relies on information from previous requests. As a result, stateless applications are easier to distribute across load-balanced servers and cache.