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dc-core /pnr/irops

Airline Carrier
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What is it?

This group of services provides functionality that enables an airline, in case of irregular operation (scheduled change), to give the passenger an option to manage his flights directly in web using MYB path, instead of calling the call center.

How it works

/pnr/offloadpassenger service

Offload is an action that changes VCR status from CKIN to OK in order to give passengers an option to initiate an exchange or refund process, when the originally booked and checked in flight is under IROP situation (eg. flight is cancelled or delayed).

The service needs to be called before any VCR with CKIN status changes are made on any segment.

This service should be called only when reservation has segments under IROPs. PNR must be eligible for HKALL process, according to airline configuration.

/pnr/irop service

This service is executed in order to clean up the PNR (when reservation contains WK/SC flight statuses), before entering the exchange path.

In case of an irregular operation the /pnr/irop retrieves the PNR and confirms initialization of the Exchange flow.

In order to prevent user from using Modify Trip Options (MYB:MTO), Book Now Pay Later (BNPL), Manage Your Booking – Upgrade (MYB:FFU), an additional rule is provided to edit passenger flows under IROP conditions.