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dc-core /pnr/cancelAndRefund

Airline Carrier
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Beta Release - Use for test purpose only - Work in progress

DRAFT - Subject to change

What is it?

This group of services allows the airline to cancel itinerary and provide refund to the passenger. Any changes that the passenger makes to their journey are reflected in the PNR. After each modification, the passenger's shopping cart is updated to show the price comparison of the previous and current selections.

How it works

There are the following steps in the cancellation process:

  • Initialization – beginning a cancellation and refund session, acquiring execution id, and retrieving PNR via JSON by performing a GET pnr/cancelAndRefund/cancel operation
  • Cancellation – cancelling a PNR and providing information about refund by performing a POST pnr/cancelAndRefund/cancel operation.
  • Confirmation – finishing the cancellation flow, approving the cancellation process using POST /pnr/cancelAndRefund/confirm.