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What is it?

The Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) flow enables the passengers to suspend their booking and finish it at a different time. It is also referred to as an “on-hold purchase”. Passengers who retrieve their bookings in the Manage Your Booking flow of BNPL can complete the purchase of a booking they have previously put on hold.

Any changes that the passenger makes to their reservation are reflected in the PNR. After each modification, the passenger's shopping cart is updated to show the old and new selections together with their prices.

How it works

/pnr/bnpl service

This service retrieves a PNR based on the parameters supplied, and initializes the Book Now Pay Later Purchase (BNPL Purchase) flow. It returns PNR data for provided input parameters that identify the PNR.

Airlines can prompt passengers for information that identifies a PNR (reservation code number, first name, last name and email address), retrieve the information and format it for display to the passenger. The airline can choose which fields are mandatory to find the flight.

The service also returns business loyalty program information as part of the PNR details.

The airline uses the /pnr/bnpl service to enable the passenger to retrieve passenger's reservation.

/pnr/bnpl/products/air/farerules service

This service returns the fare rules for the current itinerary. A separate instance of fare rules is returned for each segment (each origin and destination pair) in the current itinerary. The current itinerary consists of any flight selections the passenger has made and is currently held in the session.

The Airline can use this information to format a display of fare rules for the passengers.

/pnr/bnpl/products/ancillaries/search service

This service analyzes the provided ancillary search context. Based on its contents it preselects free discounted ancillaries if preselectFreeDiscountedAncillaries field value is set as true and will automatically add them to the shopping cart, free of charge.

After this the service will perform all the actions from GET /pnr/bnpl/products/ancillaries service and return the list of ancillary products that are available for any flights that the passenger has selected. Airline can use the information to populate a display of available ancillary products for the passenger.

/pnr/bnpl/products/ancillaries service

This service returns information about ancillaries upgrades that are currently available for the itinerary. This information can be displayed to passengers. If the passenger selects one or more ancillaries, or removes one or more ancillaries, the airline can add them to the booking with the POST operation.

/pnr/bnpl/products/seats service

This service returns information about seat upgrades that are currently available for the itinerary. This information can be displayed to passengers.

If the passenger selects one or more seats, or removes one or more seats, the airline can add them to the booking.

/pnr/bnpl/products service

This service provides breakdown of products (air, ancillaries, seats) for the current BNPL booking.

/pnr/bnpl/paymentOptions aervice

This service allows the airline to retrieve payment combinability information and determine which forms of payment are applicable to the products the passenger has selected and added to the itinerary.

The /pnr/bnpl/paymentOptions service also returns combinability mapping. This information will allow the airline to display proper payment methods and allow multiple forms of payment. In addition it provides information which products are paid separately so the airline can provide more flexibility to the passenger. It also returns any leftover amount with possible payment methods.

/pnr/bnpl/paymentOptions/details/BT service

This service checks whether the passenger has successfully selected an itinerary and has logged into the travel bank account. Service provides TravelBank account details e.g. all available funds, maximum amount that can be used to pay for the booking and how it can be divided between price components.

/pnr/bnpl/paymentOptions/details/GC service

This service provides the passenger with voucher details like: amount and currency.

/paymentOptions/installments service

This service allows airlines to offer installment payment plan offerings based upon the credit card used and the associated interest rate.

It fulfills a need in the Latin American market that has a long history of offering customers the ability to pay for goods and services via installment credits, allowing buyers the flexibility to finance their purchases with partial payments made over a period of time. With the growth of credit, debit card usage as well as on-line purchases, merchants must offer the ability to pay with installments across all of their sales channels and forms of payment.

The /paymentOptions/installments Service returns:

  • installment options including interest rate
  • interest amount
  • installment (payment) length.

/pnr/bnpl/purchase service

This service completes a purchase at the end of the BNPL Completion flow.

After the passenger retrieves a BNPL booking and, optionally, adds ancillaries and seats, and selects a form(s) of payment with /pnr/upgrade/paymentOptions, /pnr/bnpl/purchase authorizes payments as needed and updates the booking records with the new values.

/pnr/bnpl/products/insurance Service

This service calls MTS Insurance Service to determine if any insurance products are available for the itinerary in the BNPL Flow. The application can display this to the passenger.

This service returns information about available insurances. The airline can format this information and display it to the passenger.