Reserve Air Seats (including Paid Seats)

The following workflow allows you reserve seats on a given flight.


This workflow requires a passenger name record to be created in advance. Additionally the client application needs to know the flight/s for which the seat(s) will be booked (e.g., flight number, airline, class, date, etc.)


Step 1: Display seat availability and seat maps for the selected flight segment using EnhancedSeatMapRQ.

Step 2: Reserve seat(s) for the selected flight segment(s) and end transaction using PassengerDetailsRQ.


In step #2, PassengerDetailsRQ using UniqueID element under the PreProcessing section, can be used to retrieve the existing passenger name record, reserve seat(s) (using AirSeatRQ section) and finally end the transaction, all in a single API call.

After successful reservation of Paid Seats, items will be added to the list of Ancillaries inside the passenger name record. Ancillaries will be returned in the PassengerDetailsRQ response, if the “RedisplayReservation” attribute is set to "true" within the PostProcessing section of the request. Alternatively, the GetReservationRQ API can be used to verify the Ancillaries associated to the Paid Seats.

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