Issue Air Ticket

The following workflow allows you to issue a new ticket for an existing reservation.


This workflow requires a passenger name record to be created in advance.

End-to-End Orchestrated Process

The below process describes the steps required to issue an air ticket using stateful APIs, Sabre has since launched an orchestrated API that facilities this process via a single stateless API call.

This API is called Enhanced Air Ticket and is available in both SOAP/XML & REST/JSON.

The individual references are listed here:

Enhanced Air Ticket - SOAP & Enhanced Air Ticket - REST.


Step 1: Retrieve the passenger name record using GetReservationRQ.

Step 2: Designate your virtual printer using DesignatePrinterLLSRQ.

Step 3: Issue the ticket for the passenger name record using AirTicketLLSRQ.

Step 4: End the transaction of the passenger name record using EndTransactionLLSRQ.


For additional details on how Sabre's Orchestrated API work, please see the Guide to Accessing and Consuming Orchestrated Sabre APIs.

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