Book Hotel Reservation

The following workflow allows you to search and book a hotel room.


Step 1: Retrieve hotel availability using OTA_HotelAvailLLSRQ.

Step 2: Retrieve hotel rates using HotelPropertyDescriptionLLSRQ.

Step 3: Retrieve hotel rules and policies using HotelRateDescriptionLLSRQ.*

Step 4: Add any additional (required) information to create the passenger name record (PNR) using PassengerDetailsRQ.**

Step 5: Book a room for the selected hotel using OTA_HotelResLLSRQ.

Step 6: End the transaction of the passenger name record using EndTransactionLLSRQ.


* Mandatory only if selected option in response of HotelPropertyDescriptionLLSRQ contains HRD_RequiredForSell="true".

** Ensure Agency address is added within call to PassengerDetails, so as the OTA_HotelResLLSRQ call is not rejected.

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