Book Air Segment

The following workflow allows you to book flights, after the shopping process has been completed.


This workflow requires the client application to know the flight/s that will be booked (e.g., from user's selection - normally, a 'Low Fare Search' transaction before running this workflow - see step #1 in the Low Fare Search and Book workflow.)

End-to-End Orchestrated Process

The below process describes the steps required to complete an air booking process using stateful APIs, Sabre has since launched an orchestrated API that facilities this process via a single stateless API call.

This API is called Create Passenger Name Record and is available in both SOAP/XML & REST/JSON.

The individual references are listed here:

Create Passenger Name Record - SOAP & Create Passenger Name Record - REST.


Step 1: Book one or more flight segments using EnhancedAirBookRQ.

Step 2: Add all required information to create a passenger name record (PNR) and end transaction using PassengerDetailsRQ.


If client application requires storing Price Quotes in the PNR being created, please see the Guide to Accessing and Consuming Orchestrated Sabre APIs for details on how to link Price Quote records to passengers as well as general details on how the APIs listed above work.

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