Auto Price Air Exchange

The following workflow allows you to get the price of a new itinerary and issue a ticket.


This workflow requires a passenger name record to be created in advance, and requires a ticket issued with at least one open coupon.


Step 1: Retrieve the passenger name record using TravelItineraryReadRQ.

Step 2: Cancel desired flight segments using OTA_CancelLLSRQ.

Step 3: Book desired flight segments using EnhancedAirBookRQ.

Step 4.a: [Optional] Retrieve penalty collection method for specific airline using GetTicketingProfileRQ (this information may be required as part of the subsequent AutomatedExchangesLLSRQ step) *

Step 4: Calculate the price for the new ticket (fare difference + penalties) using AutomatedExchangesLLSRQ ("comparison" step).

Step 5: Confirm the creation of a PQR (Price Quote Reissue) record by executing an additional call to AutomatedExchangesLLSRQ ("confirmation" step).

Step 6: End the transaction of the passenger name record using EndTransactionLLSRQ.

* Developers may decide to cache and reuse the data returned in step 4.a (GetTicketingProfileRQ) to avoid repeated calls as data for a specific airline and point of sale (POS) rarely changes.

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