Point of Sale

The point of sale is the location (geography) in which the fare itinerary is eligible to be ticketed and in the currency applicable to that location. The default point of sale (US) can be overridden with any supported point of sale country specified in the point of sale country parameter.


The following APIs are powered by the Travel Insight Engine and allow any user to specify a supported point of sale country: Advanced Calendar Search, City Pairs Lookup, Countries Lookup, Destination Finder, InstaFlights Search, Lead Price Calendar, Low Fare History, Point of Sale Country Code Lookup.

Note: there is no validation that the authenticating user actually has the ability to sell/ticket from within the country specified as point of sale. See below: for details on restrictions related to Category 15 fare rules.


Point of sale countries

For supported point of sale countries in the CERT and PROD environments, see the Point of Sale Country Code Lookup API.

City pairs

To obtain the list of supported city pairs for a specific point of sale, use the parameter pointofsalecountry=<countrycode> in a City Pairs Lookup API request. For example, the following will retrieve fare data specific to the Germany (DE) point of sale: pointofsalecountry=DE. The response will be fares eligible for sale in Germany.


Many air fare rules contain restrictions on various conditions surrounding the sale of a fare, such as restriction on reservation date, ticketing date, country of sale, currency of sale, form of payment, method of ticketing, who may sell the fare, and locales where the fare may or may not be sold. These rules are known as Category 15 fare rules. With public fares, the absence of Category 15 rules allows the fare to be ticketed immediately and without regard to where, or by whom.

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