Move or Copy Profile Objects


EPS_EXT_ProfileDataMgmtRQ is a Sabre Profiles external web service used to move or copy specific objects from one Domain/PCC to another branched Domain/PCC.

API Information

Target Audience
Sabre Travel Network
Current Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

This API is used to move a Profile, Metadata, or Validator object or copy an Association (Template), Metadata, or Validator object from one Domain/PCC to another Domain/PCC with branch access enabled.
Additional information about these elements and their functionality can be found in the Sabre Profiles Technical User Guide.

Sample Request

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>	
<Sabre_OTA_ProfileDataMgmtRQ Version="6.49" xmlns="">	
	<CopyDomainObject DestinationDomainID="A2FE">	
		<Association AssociationID="123456789" DomainID="A5CE" ClientCode="TN" ClientContextCode="TMP"/>	

Sample Response

<Sabre_OTA_ProfileDataMgmtRS TimeStamp="2018-04-26T13:02:02.171Z" Version="6.49" xmlns="">	
	<CopyDomainObject OriginDomainID="A5CE" DestinationDomainID="A2FE" ClientCode="TN" ClientContextCode="TMP">	
				<OriginAssociation AssociationName="demotesttemplate" ClientContextCode="TMP" ProfileTypeCode="TVL" AssociationID="123456789" DomainID="A5CE" ClientCode="TN"/>	
				<DestinationAssociation AssociationName="demotesttemplate" ClientContextCode="TMP" ProfileTypeCode="TVL" AssociationID="987654321" DomainID="A2FE" ClientCode="TN"/>	

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