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EPS_EXT_OfflineJobCancelRQ is used for cancelling an offline job that has not yet been processed and waits in the queue (with status NEW). Parameters: Job ID and Domain.

API Information

Target Audience
Sabre Travel Network
Current Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

Sample Request

<Sabre_OTA_OfflineJobCancelRQ Target="Production" TimeStamp="2013-10-23T10:52:49.233Z" Version="6.49" xsi:schemaLocation=" \schemas\Sabre_OTA_ProfileCreateRQ.xsd" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
         <Job ClientCode="TN" JobID="1078131" DomainID="A2FE"/>

Sample Response

<Sabre_OTA_OfflineJobCancelRS TimeStamp="2013-10-23T08:52:51.342Z" Version="6.49" xmlns="">

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