Offline Search

Using Offline Search you can quickly search across large volumes of customer data to find what you need. Examples of search criteria include: expired documents, customer loyalty profiles that match vendor codes, preference collections, expired payment cards, plus several other criteria.

Name Category Function API Type Link

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Cancel Profile Search (EPS_EXT_OfflineJobCancelRQ) is used for canceling an offline job that has not yet been processed and waits in the queue (with status NEW). Go to documentation

Create Profile Search (EPS_EXT_OfflineJobCreateRQ) is used for creating new jobs and specifying the search criteria. Go to documentation

Delete Profile Search (EPS_EXT_OfflineJobDeleteRQ) is used for deleting the job that has already been processed (status other than NEW). Go to documentation

Get Profile Search Results (EPS_EXT_OfflineJobReadResultRQ) is used for displaying job results which consist of the list of profile summaries for the profiles matching the search criteria. Go to documentation

List Profile Searches (EPS_EXT_OfflineJobRetrieveRQ) is used for listing all the jobs in a given domain along with their statuses. Go to documentation

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