From understanding connectivity into Sabre to converting currencies around the globe use these utility APIs to smooth out your workflow.

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Calculate Carbon Emissions (Carbon_CalculatorRQ) is used to calculate approximate amount of carbon burned in kilograms per person, per all persons and per each segment in case of air travel, hotel or car hire. Go to documentation

Change AAA (ContextChangeLLSRQ) is used to allow an authorized user application to change AAA, duty codes, or partitions within the Sabre ® host system. This service also allows an authorized user application to oversign with an alternate agent sine. Go to documentation

Designate Printer (DesignatePrinterLLSRQ) is used to designate/undesignate printers for printing tickets, boarding passes, hard copies, invoices and itineraries, lists and labels, mini itineraries, or reports by specifying a line address. Go to documentation

Get Currency Conversion (DisplayCurrencyLLSRQ) is used to retrieve conversion information for all currencies loaded into the Sabre® global distribution system (Sabre® system). Go to documentation

Generate SSO Token service (SSO_GenerateTokenRQ) is used to generate tokens (SAML2.0) to provide SSO capabilities. Token represent user identity and can be passed to various systems to authenticate user. Go to documentation

Manage SSO Configuration (SSO_ManageEntityProviderRQ) is used to manage SSO Services configuration. It allows customers to create/update/delete their SSO configuration. Go to documentation

Validate SSO Token (SSO_ValidateTokenRQ) is used to validate tokens (SAML2.0, Siteminder, OpenAM) to provide SSO capabilities. Token represent user identity. ValidateToken service check if token is valid and returns user attributes stored in this token. Go to documentation

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