Move Queue Message


QueueMoveLLSRQ is used to move the contents of from one queue to another. For additional information please refer to the Format Finder Help System reference: quefo037. 

Please note that the system requires duty code 9, so a ContextChangeLLSRQ call is required to update the duty code to "9" prior to attempting to invoke QueueMoveLLSRQ.

API Information

Target Audience
All Sabre APIs Customers
Current Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

Sample request

<QueueMoveRQ Version="2.0.0" xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="">
       <QueueIdentifier Number="500" PseudoCityCode="IPCC2"/> 
       <QueueIdentifier Number="400" PseudoCityCode="IPCC1"/>
  <Selection Criteria="CADBURY" Function="TP"/>

Sample response


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