When you develop applications for a travel management group or organization, managing queues helps you manage the work that needs to happen on itineraries. These APIs support a set of Queue Management functions.

Name Category Function API Type Link

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Access Queue (QueueAccessLLSRQ) is used to access a designated queue or to navigate within the particular queue. This service is used for queue remove, queue exit (ignore or end transaction), queue end and bounce forward (or backwards), queue ignore, etc. Go to documentation

Get Queue Activity (QueueAnalysisLLSRQ) is used to analyze queue activity. The queue can be alphabetic or numeric. Go to documentation

Get Queue Count (QueueCountLLSRQ) is used to display the count of messages or Passenger Name Records (PNRs) on an alphabetic, numeric, and branch queues. Go to documentation

Place Queue Messages (QueuePlaceLLSRQ) is used to place a message or Passenger Name Record (PNR) on a designated queue. Go to documentation

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