Passenger Details


PassengerDetailsRQ provides the following transaction processing:

  • References a unique ID from the passenger's profile, or you can provide traveler information plus agency and ticketing information.
  • Sells a miscellaneous segment of type OTH, MCO, PTA, or INS.
  • Adds a special service request.
  • Adds basic, alpha-coded, client address, delivery address, invoice, itinerary, group name, historical, hidden, or corporate number remarks.
  • Payment details and future queue placement can be included.
  • Does one of the following:
    • Ends the transaction, saving the data in the PNR and Sabre host system.
    • It is optional to send email to the customer informing the customer that the invoice is available on the Virtually There Web site.
    • Places the PNR on a numbered queue.

API Information

Target Audience
All Sabre APIs Customers
Current Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

According to your specification in the request, does one of the following:

  • Displays the entire PNR. Returns the record locator when all processing of the service is completed.
  • You can use this service to create a PNR by adding traveler information for a maximum of 99 travelers, or you can add remarks and SSRs to an existing PNR and travelers.
  • A group can also be added.

In either case, at least one segment must be sold with content present in the Sabre work area (the AAA). The segments can be of the following types: air, hotel, vehicle, rail, or cruise. OTA_AirBookLLSRQ, Enhanced_AirBookRQ, or Enhanced_AirBookWithTaXRQ can be utilized to sell air segments. OTA_VehResLLSRQ can be used to sell car segments. OTA_HotelResLLSRQ can be used to sell hotel segments.

A successful transaction creates a new PNR or updates an existing PNR, saving the content you pass in the Sabre system. The system assigns a record locator for a new PNR, and returns the record locator of an existing PNR. When the processing of the service is complete, the content remains in the Sabre work area.

As stated earlier, depending on your specification, the response is either a record locator (PNR) number, or the entire PNR.

Sample Request

<PassengerDetailsRQ xmlns="" version="3.3.0" IgnoreOnError="false" HaltOnError="false">
    <PostProcessing IgnoreAfter="false" RedisplayReservation="true" UnmaskCreditCard="true" />
    <PreProcessing IgnoreBefore="true">
        <UniqueID ID="" />
                <AdvancePassenger SegmentNumber="A">
                    <!-- 2. a legal LLS request -->
                    <Document ExpirationDate='2018-05-26' Number='1234567890' Type='P'>
                    <PersonName DateOfBirth='1980-12-02' Gender='M' NameNumber='1.1' DocumentHolder='true'>
                        <Airline Hosted='false' />
                <AddressLine>SABRE TRAVEL</AddressLine>
                <StateCountyProv StateCode="TX" />
                <StreetNmbr>3150 SABRE DRIVE</StreetNmbr>
                    <Airline Hosted="true" />
                <ContactNumber NameNumber="1.1" Phone="817-555-1212" PhoneUseType="H" />
            <PersonName NameNumber="1.1" NameReference="ABC123" PassengerType="ADT">

Sample Response

<PassengerDetailsRS xmlns="">
    <ns2:ApplicationResults xmlns:ns2="" status="Complete">
        <ns2:Success timeStamp="2015-09-17T08:56:44.550-05:00" />
                    <AddressLine>SABRE TRAVEL</AddressLine>
                    <AddressLine>3150 SABRE DRIVE</AddressLine>
                    <AddressLine>SOUTHLAKE, TX US</AddressLine>
                    <ContactNumber LocationCode="DFW" Phone="817-555-1212-H-1.1" RPH="001" />
                <PersonName NameNumber="01.01" NameReference="ABC123" PassengerType="ADT" RPH="1" WithInfant="false">
            <ItineraryRef AirExtras="false" InhibitCode="U" PartitionID="AA" PrimeHostID="1S">
                <Source PseudoCityCode="7TZA" />
            <SpecialServiceInfo RPH="001" Type="GFX">
                <Service SSR_Code="SSR" SSR_Type="DOCS">
                    <Airline Code="YY" />
                    <PersonName NameNumber="01.01">LACHOWICZ/MARCIN</PersonName>

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