Add Itinerary Remark


AddRemarkLLSRQ is used to enter information into the remarks section of a Passenger Name Record (PNR). For additional information please refer to the Format Finder Help System reference: pnrfo106.

Please note that the system limits the remarks field to 999 lines, with up to 70 characters per line after the 5. The maximum number of characters in the entire remark field is 32,767. The system displays an error response when you exceed the maximum number of characters per line, or the total maximum of 999 lines. Also, it is not possible to use "non-Sabre characters" in remarks, such as exclamation marks (!), percentage signs (%), dollar signs ($) or the ampersand (&).

API Information

Target Audience
All Sabre APIs Customers
Current Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

Sample request

<AddRemarkRQ Version="2.1.1">
            <CC_Info Suppress="true">
                <PaymentCard AirlineCode="YY" CardSecurityCode="1234" Code="VI" ExpireDate="2012-12" Number="4123412341234123" />

Sample response

<AddRemarkRS Version="2.1.1">
    <stl:ApplicationResults status="Complete">
        <stl:Success timeStamp="2013-04-16T10:45:00-06:00" /></stl:ApplicationResults>

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