Manage your own workflow with our shopping APIs, which include services to manage multiple steps in the hotel shopping process. We provide APIs that receive real-time rate ranges and availability for a broad range of properties, specific rates and descriptions by room type, with policies, rules and restrictions for specific rates.

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Hotel Availability (OTA_HotelAvailLLSRQ) is typically the first step in the shopping process and provides you with rate ranges and real time availability across a broad set of properties using a basic airport code, city code, or city name search, with the optional addition of other search criteria. Requests can be made using specific negotiated rate codes, up to 331 days in advance, and for up to 9 guests and up to a 220 day maximum length of stay. Go to documentation

Hotel Property Description (HotelPropertyDescriptionLLSRQ) provides detail on available room rates by room and rate type for a single property. Responses are based on real time requests to hotel suppliers with actual rates and rooms available at the time of request. The API allows the user to provide rate codes and qualifiers to shop for the applicable rates, and robust property descriptive content is provided with each rate. Go to documentation

Hotel Rate Description (HotelRateDescriptionLLSRQ) provides all applicable rules, policies, and restrictions governing use of a specific hotel rate. The API response also may include a breakdown of all charges including base rate, changes over the stay, all taxes in detail, and an overall estimated cost. Go to documentation

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