Using the Rail APIs listed you can manage various aspects of a rail itinerary such as retrieving an itinerary, synchronizing itineraries between Sabre and the rail provider, and understanding rail station codes.

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Encode Decode Rail Station (RailLocationRQ) encodes and decodes rail stations by name or by code. When a rail station is decoded by name, all fully or partially matching options can be returned. If no station exists within the provided location, other stations located nearby can be provided. Go to documentation

For Deutsche Bahn itineraries, please use Get DB Rail Reservation (RailResRetrieveRQ). This service provides XML with back office data available per Deutsche Bahn (NVS) order on the web service request. Go to documentation

The Rail Item Search (RailItemSearchRQ) service is used to... Go to documentation

The Rail Reports (RailReportsRQ) service returns requested report for specified rail vendor (ie. list of all bookings from a single agency for a specific period). Go to documentation

The Rail Reservation Search (RailReservationSearchRQ) service is used to search reservations by passenger/travel data (email address, reservation status, reservation time range). Go to documentation

The RailReservationReadRQ service is used to retrieve vendor rail reservation. Go to documentation

The RailPNRSynchRQ service allows synchronization and import of vendor PNRs into Sabre PNR. Go to documentation

The Use Host Rail Commands (ResaRailCommandRQ) is a low level service used strictly for SNCF. ResaRailCommand is a pass-through service that enables clients to issue commands in the ResaRail system via Web Services and return the results in XML format Go to documentation

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