Book Car Reservation


The Book Car Reservation API is used to reserve one or more rental cars. A PNR containing at least one passenger name must be in the work area/session is a pre-condition to using this API.

API Information

Target Audience
All Sabre APIs Customers
Current Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

Using this API, you can reserve a vehicle and specify:

  • An extended location code
  • Arrival flight information
  • A different return location
  • A name number
  • A customer address
  • A billing number, a billing reference
  • A collection site ID, name, phone number, customer collection address
  • A delivery site ID, name, phone number, customer delivery address
  • The booking agent, booking source
  • A rate code, corporate ID, frequent flyer number
  • A drop off charge, an ID number, promotion code, rate override, tour code, credit card guarantee
  • Plus, other parameters

Sample Request

<OTA_VehResRQ Version="2.1.0" xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="">
        <VehRentalCore PickUpDateTime="12-21T10:00" Quantity="1" ReturnDateTime="12-24T12:00">
            <PickUpLocation ExtendedLocationCode="LONC18" LocationCode="DFW" />
            <VendorPref Code="ZE" />

Sample Response

<OTA_VehResRS xmlns="" Version="2.1.0" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:stl="">
    <stl:ApplicationResults status="Complete">
        <stl:Success timeStamp="2016-09-12T11:58:32-05:00" />
        <stl:Warning type="BusinessLogic">
                <stl:Message>APPROX TTL INC TAX-TRF-AP SVC CHG-VLCR</stl:Message>
                <stl:Message>MIN AGE 20 - MOST CAR CLASSES. 20-24 RATE DIFFERENTIAL APPLIES</stl:Message>
                <stl:Message>FOR RENTERS UNDER 25 YRS OF AGE SEE KEYWORD AGE</stl:Message>
                <stl:Message>EXTRA DAY CHARGES APPLY AFTER 2300 MONDAY</stl:Message>
                <stl:Message>CONFIRMED NISSAN ALTIMA 2-DOOR OR SIMILAR</stl:Message>
                <stl:Message>THANKS FOR SUPPORTING HERTZ FOR HEROES FOR OUR TROOP</stl:Message>
    <Vehicle SegmentNumber="3" Status="HK">
        <VehRentalCore PickUpDateTime="12-21T10:00" Quantity="1" ReturnDateTime="12-24T12:00">
            <LocationDetails LocationCode="DFW" />
                    <Equipment EquipType="SCAR" Quantity="1" />
                    <Reference Number="972-453-4600">
                        <Qualifier>PH NBR PHONE NUMBER</Qualifier>
                <RentalRate Changed="C" GuaranteedQuoted="G" STM_RatePlan="MCLE">
                            <ApproximateTotalCharge Amount="29.49" MileageAllowance="UNL" RateType="WEEKEND RATE" />
                            <ApproximateTotalCharge Amount="14.75" MileageAllowance="UNL" RateType="EXTRA HOUR" />
                            <ApproximateTotalCharge Amount="70.49" MileageAllowance="UNL" RateType="EXTRA DAY" />
                            <ApproximateTotalCharge Amount="185.92" MileageAllowance="UNL" NumDays="4" NumHours="0" RateType="APPROXIMATE TOTAL PRICE" TotalMandatoryCharges="67.96" />
                        <Mileage CurrencyCode="USD" />

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