Need to book various types of ground transportation? You're in the right place. In this section you will find the APIs needed to make and manage bookings of a car and limousine rental, as well as rail segments.

Name Category Function API Type Link

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Book Car Reservation (OTA_VehResLLSRQ) is used to reserve one or more rental cars. A PNR containing at least one passenger name must be in the work area/session is a pre-condition to using this API. Go to documentation

Cancel Request Message (RailCancelRQ) performs a booking cancellation. The request passes the Sabre PNR Locator. Logic cancels the related SNCF reservation, and then it cancels the Sabre PNR. The Cancel web service does not require the PNR to be loaded into the current session – it has ability to load the requested PNR into the session by itself. Go to documentation

The Car Rate Code Rules (VehRateRulesLLSRQ) is used to display the rules for a vehicle rental rate code. When requesting rate rules you include a reference to the specific line number in the Car Availability Rate API response, which you loaded into the Sabre work area (AAA). Go to documentation

Car Rates Non-Airport (VehQuoteLocationListLLSRQ) is used to request a non-airport car quote. Go to documentation

The RailManageBookingRQ service is used to carry out reservation (booking) for one or more journeys between specified locations, on specific dates, for a specific quantity and type of passengers, to carry out booking modification on a PNR that has not been issued or to estimate the booking price and issuing tickets. Go to documentation

Modify Car Reservation (VehResModifyLLSRQ) is used to modify a confirmed vehicle segment in a passenger name record (PNR). Go to documentation

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