Ground transportation

Looking to include ground transportation into your application? You're in the right place.

We have a variety of car and rail APIs, just find which one is right for you.

Get access to a full product line of car rental APIs that provide rates, rules and product information for over 37,000 car rental locations in more than 160 countries.

If you are looking to add rail content to your application, we have that too. With Sabre® Rail,you have access to some of the major European Rail networks like SNCF and Trainline. These services are making their way over, in the meantime contact us to find out more about our rail services and licensing process with the national rail networks.

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Book Car Reservation (OTA_VehResLLSRQ) is used to reserve one or more rental cars. A PNR containing at least one passenger name must be in the work area/session is a pre-condition to using this API. Go to documentation

Cancel Request Message (RailCancelRQ) performs a booking cancellation. The request passes the Sabre PNR Locator. Logic cancels the related SNCF reservation, and then it cancels the Sabre PNR. The Cancel web service does not require the PNR to be loaded into the current session - it has ability to load the requested PNR into the session by itself. Go to documentation

The Car Rate Code Rules (VehRateRulesLLSRQ) is used to display the rules for a vehicle rental rate code. When requesting rate rules you include a reference to the specific line number in the Car Availability Rate API response, which you loaded into the Sabre work area (AAA). Go to documentation

Car Rates Non-Airport (VehQuoteLocationListLLSRQ) is used to request a non-airport car quote. Go to documentation

The RailManageBookingRQ service is used to carry out reservation (booking) for one or more journeys between specified locations, on specific dates, for a specific quantity and type of passengers, to carry out booking modification on a PNR that has not been issued or to estimate the booking price and issuing tickets. Go to documentation

Modify Car Reservation (VehResModifyLLSRQ) is used to modify a confirmed vehicle segment in a passenger name record (PNR). Go to documentation

The RailManageAfterSalesRQ service is used to carry out after sales operation on a PNR that has been completely or partially issued. It is used to carry out the following operations. Go to documentation

Manage Rail Ticketing (RailManageTicketRQ) is used to issue a ticket, cancel a ticket already issued, and send a confirmation email to the passengers of a PNR with dematerialized tickets. Go to documentation

Car Availability (OTA_VehAvailRateLLSRQ) includes a response for car availability and rates. It includes Car rates and Total Pricing at a single location. You can add in the request to shop for special equipment and services including pricing and availability. (up to 10). Go to documentation

Car Location Details (OTA_VehLocDetailLLSRQ) is used to request detailed information about a specific car rental location, based on a city code, vendor code, or both, specify pickup/drop off times. It also returns detailed information about the location such as hours and contact information. Go to documentation

Car Locations (VehLocationFinderLLSRQ) is used to search for vehicle rental locations based on city names, addresses, zip codes, points of interest passed as brief text descriptions (for example, "Sears tower"), hotel location codes, or a hotel segment in a booked Passenger Name Record (PNR). Go to documentation

Car Locations by Airport (VehLocationListLLSRQ) This API is used to display locations of car rental vendors for a specific airport or city code for vendor coded to the specific input airport code. Go to documentation

The RailShopRQ service is used to return availability options and estimated prices for standard shopping, groups or subscription cards. Go to documentation

Encode Decode Rail Station (RailLocationRQ) encodes and decodes rail stations by name or by code. When a rail station is decoded by name, all fully or partially matching options can be returned. If no station exists within the provided location, other stations located nearby can be provided. Go to documentation

For Deutsche Bahn itineraries, please use Get DB Rail Reservation (RailResRetrieveRQ). This service provides XML with back office data available per Deutsche Bahn (NVS) order on the web service request. Go to documentation

The Rail Dictionary (RailDictionaryRQ) service returns requested set of dictionaries containing values used in other rail services. Go to documentation

The Rail Item Search (RailItemSearchRQ) service is used to... Go to documentation

The Rail Reports (RailReportsRQ) service returns requested report for specified rail vendor (ie. list of all bookings from a single agency for a specific period) Go to documentation

The Rail Reservation Search (RailReservationSearchRQ) service is used to search reservations by passenger/travel data (email address, reservation status, reservation time range). Go to documentation

The Rail Seatmap (RailSeatMapRQ) service is used to determine if a seat map is available for a specific train and retrieves the seat map. Go to documentation

The RailReservationReadRQ service is used to retrieve vendor rail reservation. The reservation must exist in vendor system and user invoking services has to have access rights to this reservation. Upon success, the output shows the PNR content (PNR reference, travelers, itinerary, fares, tickets, delivery modes, contacts etc.). Go to documentation

The RailPNRSynchRQ service allows synchronization and import of vendor PNRs into Sabre PNR. The request synchronizes content in the Sabre PNR with the vendor PNR. Go to documentation

Modify Hotel Reservation (HotelResModifyLLSRQ) is used to modify a confirmed hotel segment in a passenger name record (PNR). Go to documentation

Vehicle Location Policy request will allow car rental customers to request information about the car rental location. The basic information includes address, geo information, shuttle information, counter location, services and operating schedule of the location requested. Go to documentation

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