Create Manual Price Quote Ticket Record


ManualPriceQuoteAddInfoLLSRQ is used to create and modify a Manual PQ ticket record, which is used for manual pricing. Please note that the functionality can only be accessed by customers having the Enhanced PQ TJR indicator (PQPLUS).

API Information

Target Audience
Sabre Travel Network
Current Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

Sample request

<ManualPriceQuoteAddInfoRQ Version="2.0.0">
            <SegmentSelect Number="1" />

Sample response

<ManualPriceQuoteAddInfoRS Version="2.0.0">
    <stl:ApplicationResults status="Complete">
        <stl:Success timeStamp="2016-01-20T09:31:13-05:00" /></stl:ApplicationResults>
    <Text>PQ 1 ADT</Text>
    <Text>1 O DFW AA 1606Y 22NOV 800A OK</Text>
    <Text>NO FARE CALC</Text>
    <Text>7TZA 7TZA*AW5 0931/20JAN16 PRICE-MANUAL</Text>

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