Revalidate eTicket


eTicketRevalidateLLSRQ is used to allow a client application to revalidate an electronic ticket for a participating carrier. For additional information please refer to the Format Finder Help System reference: tktfo049.

Please note that SabreCommandLLSRQ (WETR*T<ticket number>) must be executed prior to calling eTicketRevalidateLLSRQ. Furthermore, this service is only available to agency subscribers and requires a valid agency PCC to complete the service request.

API Information

Target Audience
Sabre Travel Network
Current Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

Sample request

<eTicketRevalidateRQ Version="2.0.0">
  <Ticketing CouponNumber="2" SegmentNumber="1"/>

Sample response

<eTicketRevalidateRS Version="2.0.0">
  <stl:ApplicationResults status="Complete">
    <stl:Success timeStamp="2012-02-15T13:45:00-06:00"/>

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