Auto Price Air Exchanges


AutomatedExchangesLLSRQ is used to price an air ticket exchange.

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All Sabre APIs Customers
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This service is marketed to customers as Automated Exchanges (formerly QREX Plus). AutomatedExchangesLLSRQ is the replacement for the QREXLLSRQ service. The AutomatedExchangesLLSRQ service is available to ARC-based subscribers, and to over 80 BSP countries globally, as well as for Direct Ticketing carriers on select markets. Clients need to first validate that the service is available in their market before attempting to utilize it.

The most common AutomatedExchangesLLSRQ workflow is to change an itinerary within an existing booking. Clients wishing to exchange a ticket first need to retrieve the PNR utilizing the TravelItineraryReadLLSRQ service, cancel the existing itinerary using the OTA_CancelLLSRQ service, and then use the OTA_AirBookLLSRQ, or EnhancedAirBookRQ services to sell a new air itinerary.

Once the new air itinerary is successfully sold, the client can then utilize AutomatedExchangesLLSRQ to price the exchange using the .../ExchangeComparision node specifying the original ticket number via .../ExchangeComparision@OriginalTicketNumber. Please note that clients need to keep track of the .../ExchangeComparison@PQR_Number element/attribute returned via the initial AutomatedExchangesLLSRQ response message since this is the key to successfully storing the exchange, and ultimately driving the exchange. The .../ExchangeComparison@PQR_Number is used to represent the PQR number within the PNR.

After a successful, initial …/ExchangeComparison-based request if the client finds the returned pricing information satisfactory the client can then utilize the .../ExchangeConfirmation node specifying the .../ExchangeConformation@PQR_Number returned in the initial AutomatedExchangesLLSRQ response as the .../ExchangeConfirmation@PQR_Number to store the exchange/refund for subsequent ticketing. Once the exchange is successfully stored the client can then end and retrieve the PNR using the EndTransactionLLSRQ and TravelItineraryReadLLSRQ services, and then use the AirTicketLLSRQ service to drive the actual exchange using the .../OptionalQualifiers/PricingQualifiers/PriceQuote@ReissueNumber element/attribute.

If the client finds the returned pricing information unsatisfactory after the initial .../ExchangeComparison-based request the PNR should be ignored by calling the IgnoreTransactionLLSRQ service to return the itinerary/PNR to the state it was in at time of initial PNR retrieval.

For additional information please refer to the Format Finder Help System reference: qrxfo200.

Please note that TravelItineraryReadRQ is required prior to executing AutomatedExchangesLLSRQ.

Sample Request

<AutomatedExchangesRQ Version="2.5.0" xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <ExchangeComparison OriginalTicketNumber="0017879184503">
                        <Airline Code="AA" />
                    <NameSelect NameNumber="1.1" />

Sample Response

<AutomatedExchangesRS xmlns="" Version="2.5.0" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:stl="">
    <stl:ApplicationResults status="Complete">
        <stl:Success timeStamp="2016-09-12T13:43:02-05:00" />
    <ExchangeConfirmation PQR_Number="03" />
    <Source AgencyCity="DFW" AgentDutySine="AW3*" AgentWorkArea="A" CreateDateTime="2015-09-22T13:43" PrimeHostID="1S" PseudoCityCode="7TZA" />

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