Delete Price Quote


The Delete Price Quote API is used to delete price quote records.

API Information

Target Audience
All Sabre APIs Customers
Current Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

Please note that a PNR must be present in the current work area/session prior to calling this API. Using this API, you can:

  • Delete all price quote records.
  • Delete a specific price quote record.
  • Delete a range of price quote records.
  • Delete multiple, non-consecutive price quote records.

For additional information please refer to the Format Finder Help System reference: qrxfo003. Please note that TravelItineraryReadLLSRQ must be executed prior to calling DeletePriceQuoteLLSRQ.

Sample Request

<DeletePriceQuoteRQ xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="" Version="2.1.0">
        <Record All="true" />

Sample Response

<DeletePriceQuoteRS xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:stl="" Version="2.1.0">
    <stl:ApplicationResults status="Complete">
        <stl:Success timeStamp="2016-05-23T10:49:02-05:00"></stl:Success>

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