Calculate Air Tax for Itinerary


The Calculate Air Tax for Itinerary API is used to calculate applicable taxes for one or more air travel itineraries, and for one or more passenger types on each itinerary. This service can calculate taxes for up to 50 itineraries. Each itinerary can contain multiple flight segments and multiple fare break points. This API calculates taxes based on PCC, fare amount, segment board and off points, carrier, booking code, departure date, passenger type etc. A successful transaction returns taxes applicable for each itinerary with detailed tax information.

API Information

Target Audience
All Sabre APIs Customers
Current Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

Sample request

<AirTaxRQ xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="" EchoToken="String" TimeStamp="2001-12-17T09:30:47-05:00" Target="Production" Version="2.0.2" SequenceNmbr="1" PrimaryLangID="en-us" AltLangID="en-us">
        <Source PseudoCityCode="W0H3" />
                <Item RPH="1" TicketingCarrier="AM" ValidatingCarrier="AM" SalePseudoCityCode="W0H3">
                    <FlightSegment DepartureDateTime="2007-11-22T12:40:00" ArrivalDateTime="2007-11-22T17:49:00" FlightNumber="647" ResBookDesigCode="L" ForceConnectionInd="true" ForceStopOverInd="true">
                        <DepartureAirport LocationCode="LAX" CodeContext="IATA" />
                        <ArrivalAirport LocationCode="MEX" CodeContext="IATA" />
                        <Equipment AirEquipType="737" />
                        <MarketingAirline Code="AM" />
                        <OperatingAirline Code="AM" />
                            <HiddenStop LocationCode="" />
                        <FareBreakInfo SideTripStartInd="false" SideTripEndInd="false" FareComponentNumber="1">
                            <BaseFare Amount="330.00" CurrencyCode="USD" />
                            <EquivFare Amount="330.00" CurrencyCode="USD" />
                            <PassengerType Quantity="2" Code="PFA" Age="20" />
                                <BaseFare Amount="330.00" CurrencyCode="USD" />
                                <EquivFare Amount="0.00" CurrencyCode="USD" />

Sample response

<AirTaxRS xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="" Version="2.0.2">
        <ItineraryInfo RPH="1">
                <PassengerType Quantity="2" Code="ADT" Age="0" Total="86.86" />
            <TaxInfo RPH="1" Total="86.86">
                    <Tax TaxCode="US2" Amount="29.00">
                        <Text>US INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION TAX</Text>
                    <Tax TaxCode="XY" Amount="7.00">
                        <Text>US FEDERAL INSPECTION FEE</Text>
                    <Tax TaxCode="XA" Amount="5.00">
                        <Text>US APHIS USER FEE</Text>
                    <Tax TaxCode="AY" Amount="2.50">
                        <Text>US SECURITY FEE</Text>
                    <Tax TaxCode="WD" Amount="15.10">
                        <Text>TRAVEL TAX</Text>
                    <Tax TaxCode="EK" Amount="8.76">
                        <Text>PASSENGER SERVICE AND SECURITY FEE</Text>
                    <Tax TaxCode="EL" Amount="5.00">
                        <Text>AIRPORT IMPROVEMENT FEE</Text>
                    <Tax TaxCode="HG" Amount="10.00" />
                    <Tax TaxCode="YQF" Amount="0.00">
                        <Text>SERVICE FEE - FUEL</Text>
                    <Tax TaxCode="XF" Amount="4.50">
                        <Text>PASSENGER FACILITY CHARGE</Text>

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