Schedule Snapshot


The Schedule Snapshot flat file feed is used to send the details of each flight schedule. This is intended for usage by Revenue Management products used by airlines hosted in SabreSonic Inventory.

API Information

Target Audience
Sabre Airline Solutions
Current Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

Sample Request

<InventoryScheduleDump carrier="CO" timeStamp="2015-05-08T06:01:12" version="4.7.0" xmlns="">
        <Flight carrier="CO" discontinueDate="2015-04-06" effectiveDate="2015-04-02" frequency="123  67" number="1" />
        <Leg arrivalTime="0705" configurationID="ZZG" departureTime="0205" destination="ABC" operatingCarrier="CO" operatingFltNum="1" origin="DEF" type="2">
                <PartnerFlight carrier="9W" fltNum="6" />
        <Segment destination="ABC" fareClassAvlSeq="FAROJCVUETNSG" origin="DEF" />

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