Your customers have planned their trips and are ready for departure. Sabre's portfolio of check-in services offer everything you need for boarding customers and getting them on their way.

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ACS_AssignBTPrinterRQ assigns the bag tag printer to be able to issue bag tags. Go to documentation

Add Boarding Pass Printer (ACS_AssignBPPrinterRQ) assigns the boarding pass printer to issue boarding passes. Go to documentation

Add to Standby List (ACS_AddToPriorityListRQ) adds passenger(s) to the standby priority list of a flight. Go to documentation

Calculate Bag Fees is a web service used to obtain the following information... Go to documentation

Check-in Passenger (ACS_CheckInPassengerRQ) service checks in a passenger and issues a boarding pass. Go to documentation

The SabreSonic Check-In GetBagMessgeInfoRQ web service is used to retrieve the Baggage Process Message (BPM) for a specified bag tag number. Go to documentation

Get Flight Information (ACS_FlightDetailRQ) service will return flight information, flight history, government security and travel document requirements ... Go to documentation

The SabreSonic Check-In GetPassengerDataRQ web service is the first point of contact used to retrieve a passenger name on a designated flight to start the passenger's check_in process. Go to documentation

The SabreSonic Check-In® (SSCI) GetPassengerListRQ web service retrieves the list of passengers matching specific passenger characteristics in the requested flight. Go to documentation

Get Seat Map (ACS_FlightSeatMapRQ) service returns a seat map during the check_in period. Go to documentation

The SabreSonic Check-In (SSCI) IssueBagTagRQ web service will issue on demand bag tags for a single or multiple passengers in the same request ... Go to documentation

The OrchestratedSeatPriceAllowance service is used at time of check-in to provide details about a passenger seat along with information whether specific seat is chargeable, if there are any restrictions of a specific seat for the passenger (if a given seat is available for the passenger to take) and if there are any fee waivers associated with a seat for the specific passenger given a seat is chargeable.

Go to documentation

Request Seat Change (ACS_SeatChangeRQ) is a request to change the seat assignment of a passenger who is already checked-in or has a pre-reserved seat. Go to documentation

Return Seat to Inventory (ACS_OffLoadPassengerRQ) returns an accommodated passenger(s)¿s seat to inventory. Go to documentation

Search by Specific Airport (ACS_AirportFlightListRQ) service returns a list of active flights departing the specified airport. Go to documentation

The SabreSonic Check-In (SSCI) SelectSeatRQ web service may be used to assign seats or change seat assignments. Go to documentation

The SabreSonic Check-In UpdatePassengerDetailsRQ web service provides the ability to modify the passenger record by adding required check_in passenger information or deleting incorrect passenger information. Go to documentation

The SabreSonic Check-In® (SSCI) UpdateSecurityInfoRQ web service enables adding and deleting passenger travel documentation as required by government authorities. Go to documentation

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