Sandbox (Certification environment)



  • To see the response structure and format
  • To experiment, develop code, and fix bugs
  • To use API updates and new APIs before a production release
  • To access newer or expanded lists of origin/destination pairs before they are available in Production


Note — Certification has fewer origin-destination pairs than Production.




  • To verify data quality. The Production environment may return response data that is more complete than Certification, such as more itineraries, because production data is extracted from more origin-destination pairs.
  • To conduct a complete beta test of your application
  • To certify your code
  • To place your application in Production

Testing the APIs

After you register with Sabre®, you receive test authentication credentials and authorization to use the APIs you selected.

After you become a customer of Sabre, you receive production authentication credentials.

Test credentials

API Explorer on developer.sabre.com to experiment with the APIs without a client application. The API Explorer points to the Sandbox (Certification environment).

Create your own test client and experiment using the Sandbox.

You can only use test credentials in the API Explorer.

Production credentials

Access the Production environment using your own application.

Access the Sandbox using your own application.

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