Endpoints and URIs

Authentication request
POST /v2/auth/token
Advanced Calendar Search API
POST /v1.9.5.1/shop/calendar/flights
Aircraft Equipment Lookup API
GET /v1/lists/utilities/aircraft/equipment/
Airline Alliance Lookup API
GET /v1/lists/utilities/airlines/alliances/
Airline Lookup API
GET /v1/lists/utilities/airlines/
Airports at Cities Lookup API
GET /v1/lists/supported/cities/{city}/airports/
Alternate Airport Shop API
POST /v1.9.5.1/shop/altairports/flights
Alternate Date API
POST /v1.9.5.1/shop/altdates/flights
Bargain Finder Max API
POST /v1.9.5.1/shop/flights
Car Availability API
POST /v2.4.0/shop/cars
City Pairs Lookup API
GET /v1/lists/supported/shop/flights/origins-destinations
Countries Lookup API
GET /v1/lists/supported/countries
Create Custom Theme API
POST /v1/lists/supported/shop/custom/themes
Create Custom Response View API

POST /v1/lists/utilities/custom/views/
Custom Response View Lookup API

GET /v1/lists/utilities/custom/views/
Custom Response View Details Lookup API

GET /v1/lists/utilities/custom/views/{view}
Custom Theme Airport Lookup API
GET /v1/lists/supported/shop/custom/themes/{theme}
Custom Theme Lookup API
GET /v1/lists/supported/shop/custom/themes
Delete Custom Response View API

DELETE /v1/lists/utilities/custom/views/{view}
Delete Custom Theme API
DELETE /v1/lists/supported/shop/custom/themes/{theme}
Destination Finder API
GET /v2/shop/flights/fares
Destinations by Carrier
GET /v1/lists/carriers/destinations
Fare Range API
GET /v1/historical/flights/fares
InstaFlights Search API
GET /v1/shop/flights
Lead Price Calendar API
GET /v2/shop/flights/fares
Low Fare Forecast API
GET /v2/forecast/flights/fares
Low Fare History API
GET /v1/historical/shop/flights/fares
Multi-Airport City Lookup API
GET /v1/lists/supported/cities
Point of Sale Country Code Lookup API
GET /v1/lists/supported/pointofsalecountries
Response View Lookup API

GET /v1/lists/utilities/views
Response View Details Lookup API

GET /v1/lists/utilities/views/{view}
Seat Map API
POST /v4.0.0/book/flights/seatmaps?mode=seatmaps
Theme Airport Lookup API
GET /v1/lists/supported/shop/themes/{theme}
Top Destinations API
GET /v1/lists/top/destinations
Travel Seasonality API
GET /v1/historical/flights/{destination}/seasonality
Travel Seasonality Airports Lookup API
GET /v1/lists/supported/historical/seasonality/airports
Travel Theme Lookup API
GET /v1/lists/supported/shop/themes/
Update Custom Response View API

PUT /v1/lists/utilities/custom/views/{view}
Update Custom Theme API
PUT /v1/lists/supported/shop/custom/themes/{theme}

Method and URL example

GET https://api.sabre.com/v1/shop/flights/fares?origin=DFW&destination=ORD&lengthofstay=10 HTTP/1.1
  • GET is the HTTP method
  • The HTTP method is the verb (GET, POST, DELETE, etc.) that performs the action on the resource in the URI
  • https://api.sabre.com is the base URL
  • v1 is the individual API release version
  • shop/flights/fares is the API specific endpoint
  • origin=DFW is an example of a request parameter (origin) with a value for that parameter (DFW)

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