Airline Lookup

The Airline Lookup API returns the airline name associated with a specified IATA airline code. If no code is specified, the API returns all codes and their corresponding names.

This API can be used with any API that accepts or returns an airline code: Bargain Finder Max, Alternate Date, Advanced Calendar Search and InstaFlights Search. See usage notes: for more information about these APIs.

API Information

Target Audience
Sabre Travel Network
Current Version
Sessionless Token
GET /v1/lists/utilities/airlines/ HTTP/1.1

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Sample use case

You could use this API to create a search filter that allows customers to specify an airline. From this data, brand-loyal customers can sort and filter search results by airline.



string, optional

2-character IATA airline code

Multiple values are accepted

Default: all codes and their corresponding names

Sample value: airlinecode=AC,A2,A9




Repeats associated airline information:

  • AirlineCode, string
  • AirlineName, string
  • AlternativeBusinessName, string


Returns the specified airline code(s)

Sample value: AI



The proper business name of the specified airline code

Sample value: Air India Limited



The common business name of the specified airline code

Sample value: Air India

Overall response links

Link nodes


See usage notes: for more information on link nodes.



Returns the URL of the request that generated the response



Formats an Airline Lookup API request with placeholders for every request parameter

Examples: request and response

The following example demonstrates a request for the airline name associated with an IATA airline code.

         AirlineName:"Air India Limited"
         AlternativeBusinessName: "Air India"

Usage notes

Links nodes

  • Sabre® REST APIs have one or more links nodes that combine related URI resources in a response. For more information, see the links nodes page.

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A general HTTP status code is always returned.

Errors that are specific to this API follow. For information about the error response format, see the: Sabre APIs: common errors page.

Status 400 BAD REQUEST

400 Parameter 'airlinecode' must be a valid value

Value must be a valid airline code.

{specified code} is not a valid airline code.

413 FULL head

The API returns this error when a request URI is too long. For example, the HTTP request’s query string exceeds the server limit.

The response will be empty as a result.

Please consider reducing the number of request parameters in the URI or separating parameters into multiple HTTP requests.

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