Aircraft Equipment Lookup


The Aircraft Equipment Lookup API returns the aircraft name associated with a specified IATA aircraft equipment code. more detail

In detail: this API can be used with any API that accepts or returns an aircraft equipment code: Bargain Finder Max API , Alternate Date API , Advanced Calendar Search API and InstaFlights Search API .

Response Format
GET /v1/lists/utilities/aircraft/equipment/
Current Version
Sessionless Token
Target Audience
Travel Network

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Sample Use Case

You could use this API to create a search filter that allows customers to specify an aircraft. From this data, luxury-driven customers can sort and filter search results by aircraft.


Request/Response Documentation (.PDF)

Sample Code

Sample Request/Response: Required Parameters Only (.HTM)


A general HTTP status code is always returned. See the status codes and errors page for other common status codes and errors.

200 Everything went okay.

400 Bad request.

404 Not found.

500 Internal server error.

Aircraft Equipment Lookup Error Messages (.PDF)

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