SOAP basics

Sabre® Dev Studio holds a lot of data and configurations, but you'll find it easier to use once you familiarize yourself with the data structure.

A client application calls the API by sending an XML message as a request, and the Sabre infrastructure returns an XML response to the client. Because all communication is formatted in XML, the API is not tied to any particular operating system, programming language, or platform.

Sabre APIs are delivered over HTTPS. SOAP is the message protocol that encodes Web services messages before they are sent.

SOAP stands for simple object access protocol, and is a mechanism for transporting data from one network to another. In the Sabre API infrastructure a SOAP-based message is composed of the following parts:

  • An envelope that contains communication information
  • A header with attributes that describe the communication
  • A body that contains the message or information about the message

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