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Display Graphical PNR

Sabre Red 360 Software Development Kit provides a capability for displaying PNR in a graphical form.

Dependencies and classes

Below you can find a list of required dependencies.

Minimal Required Dependency



To be able to use service you have to add the authorization entry to your redapp.xml file in <RedApp></RedApp> section:

<Authorization name="" threshold="[threshold]" metric="[metric]" />

Code snippet:

DisplayGraphicalPnrClient displayGraphicalPnrClient = new DisplayGraphicalPnrClient(COM);
PnrSectionType type = PnrSectionType.FULL;
DisplayGraphicalPnrRequest request = new DisplayGraphicalPnrRequest(type);
return displayGraphicalPnrClient.send(request);

ClientResponse <DisplayGraphicalPnrResponse> rsp = displayGraphicalPnrClient.send(request);

if (rsp.isSuccess())
    // Success
    // Failure

See com.sabre.redapp.example3.desktop.pnr sample for implementation.