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Digital Connect 23.07 Release Notes

Release Identification

Release Version Type (Version, Update, or Patch) Date Approved by Description of Change
23.07 Version July 2023


Software updates


Digital Connect introduces the following enhancements:

  • QPX ATPCO Content in Digital Connect


QPX ATPCO Content in Digital Connect

With this enhancement, Digital Connect allows for baggage ATPCO content to be retrieved from the Sabre AIQ system in addition to the Sabre Pricing System. DC is now able to expose ancillary prices returned from the Ancillaries service where QPX is the content provider. This allows airlines to define ancillaries in two different ways:

  • By using the ATPCO database, which provides data in a standardized format that can be used by other airlines e.g., in codeshare or interline reservations.

  • By using Sabre Merchandizing Manager which provides flexibility and control to the airline regarding ancillary details.

AIQ or Ancillary IQ is a Sabre program to allow personalized ancillary offers for Sabre customers.

The enhancement applies to the following DC workflows:

  • Revenue (B2C)
  • Redemption (RBE)
  • Change Itinerary (MYB:CI)
  • Modify Trip Options (MYB:MTO)
  • Book now Pay Later (MYB:BNPL)