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Digital Connect 23.05 Release Notes

Release Identification

Release Version Type (Version, Update, or Patch) Date Approved by Description of Change
23.05 Version May 2023


Software updates


Digital Connect introduces the following enhancements:

  • Support for 3-letter country code in Shop and Book flow


Support for 3-letter country code in Shop and Book flow

With this enhancement, Digital Connect is enhanced to allow passenger to use two or three-letter country codes for passenger documents, profile data (passengers, documents, and addresses), and payment data enabling the passengers to properly store and retrieve such information.

This enhancement also updates Digital Connect in such a way that it will no longer validate if country codes exist in DC database and will submit any information provided by the passenger to downline. If the downline is not able to validate the information, a remark is added to the PNR to indicate an error in saving country information in the travel documents. Digital Connect will only validate this data in the passenger service, verifying if the input value is allowed based on minimum and maximum length along with regular expression configuration keys.

This enhancement is activated by default - no additional activation is required on airline side.

This enhancement applies to the following workflows:

    • Modified services:
      • POST /passengers 
      • POST /purchase
      • POST /purchase - response
  • MYB:CPD - Change Passenger Detail
    • Modified services:
      • GET /pnr/passengers
      • POST /pnr/passengers
  • MYB:CI - Change Itinerary
    • Modified services:
      • POST /pnr/exchange/passengers
      • POST /pnr/exchange/purchase


  • Configurations for minimum length, maximum length, and regular expressions must be defined in SAT for the storefront as these are the only validations on DC side.