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Digital Connect 23.01 Release Notes

Release Identification

Release Version Type (Version, Update, or Patch) Date Approved by Description of Change
23.01 Version January 2023


Software updates


Digital Connect introduces the following enhancements:

  • New mutation rule validating PNR eligibilities
  • Support for Travel Bank Form of Payment in Dynamic Rewards
  • Support for free text in passenger API


New mutation rule validating PNR eligibilities

Digital Connect introduces two new mutation rules to restrict accessing the post-booking flows for unsupported PNRs. The mutation rules check if there are any eligibilities applicable for a given PNR. Currently there are two kinds of eligibilities:

  • Change fee waiver
  • Cancel fee waiver

These are applied in scenarios when there is an IROP rule with matching conditions. DC returns information about eligibilities applied to a specific PNR in GET /pnr response under travelPartsAdditionalDetails.

The new mutation rules that extend the ETicketRulesTemplate class are:

  • exchangeEligibilitiesPresent
  • cancelEligibilitiesPresent

This enhancement applies to the following workflows:

  • Exchange
  • Cancel and Refund (MYB:CR)



Support for Travel Bank Form of Payment in Dynamic Rewards

Digital Connect introduces the ability to combine payment with points and Travel bank (TB) credit in the same transaction in Shop and Book flows.


  • Using DCMC for Shop and Book flow
  • Using DC Core for Post-booking flow
  • DCMC booking flow is to provide an option to allow payments with Travel Bank for the remainder of payment.

Note: If one form of the forms of payment fails, the entire transaction fails. Both forms of payment must be completed for the transaction to succeed.



Support for free text in passenger API

    Digital Connect allows agents and passengers to add free text for Special Service Requests (SSRs) in the passengers API. The API then exposes the description/free text in the purchase and PNR response. There are the following restrictions for the free text:

    • There is a maximum character limit of 178; if it exceeds that limit a validation error appears.
    • No special characters are allowed, except space.

    Request changes:
    In the passenger API, there is a new parameter SpecialServiceRequestsRemarks. This is an optional field.

    Response changes:
    As inputs are received from /passenger API - (users have added free text) - the SpecialServiceRequestsRemarks gets updated and exposed in the PNR.

    When the API sends the description for any SSR, Digital Connect ignores the current configuration ("sat.ssr.descriptionsForSSRs“) and any SSRs in ‘SpecialRequest’, and only considers SpecialServiceRequestsRemarks fields.


    • If Digital Connect does not receive the description text for any SSR, the feature remains as is, if SpecialServiceRequestsRemarks field is not populated.
    • If the host does not allow the description to be added to the SSR, Digital Connect exposes a message to the /passenger API and that gets documented in the PNR.