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Digital Connect 22.09 ROD – Ancillary Exchange

Release Identification

Release Version Type (Version, Update, or Patch) Date Approved by Description of Change
August On-Demand Version August 2022


Software updated


Digital Connect introduces the following enhancements:

  • EMD to EMD Ancillary Exchange


EMD to EMD Ancillary Exchange

Digital Connect introduces functionality that allows airlines to offer ATK-based stateless EMD to EMD exchanges for the ancillaries booked on their flights. All types of exchangeable ancillaries are supported.

The functionality comprises the following stateless services:

PNR app

  • /pnr/display
  • /pnr/lookup

These existing APIs have been enhanced to support an ATK token.

ANCS (ancillaries) app

  • /ancillaries/shop
  • /ancillaries/add
  • /ancillaries/remove

These stateless APIs allow searching for available ancillaries based on the criteria provided by the passenger, adding, and removing them from the PNR. The Point of Sale (POS) can request ancillaries based on PNR or segment and passenger data. The services require a valid PNR and an ATK token to be present.

EMD Calculate Cost app

  • emdExchangeCost/calculate

This service calculates the cost of a fulfilled EMD that can be reassociated or exchanged for new ancillaries. It uses the /exchange/price service to compute the cos. The /exchange/price service takes into account all the ancillaries passed in the request and computes the most beneficial exchange combination for the passenger.

Payment app

  • /payment/authorize

This stateless service allows authorizing payments. It performs pre-ticketing checks and orchestrated fraud checks. The service provides payment authorization codes for the /fulfillment/process service to issue VCR and EMDs for the purchase done for new bookings.

Fulfillment Process app

  • /fulfillment/process

This ATK-based stateless service validates new and exchanged EMDs and performs a post-ticketing fraud check after the payment is authorized. The service supports the following Forms of Payment (FOP): credit card, gift card, installments, Agency Credit Limits (ACL), Travel Bank (TB), and cash. Multiple forms of Payment (MFOP) are supported with a maximum of two FOPs in a single request.