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Digital Connect 22.09 ROD – AIQ Seats API

Release Identification

Release Version Type (Version, Update, or Patch) Date Approved by Description of Change
September On-Demand Version September 2022


Software updated


Digital Connect introduces the following enhancements:

  • Seats App - QPX support


Seats App - QPX support

As an enhancement to the seat pricing feature, Digital Connect introduces the use of the QPX enterprise pricing system in addition to the existing ATPCO pricing functionality. DC calculates the prices returned from the EnhacedSeatMap (ESM) service and passes them into the seat/maps response. The prices for all revenue flows in DC services are returned from the ANCS service to which QPX provides data. The QPX pricing systems provide prices with and without discounts for both DC stateful and stateless seat services. Support for QPX has been implemented without DC schema changes.

This enhancement applies to the following flows:

  • B2C
  • MYB:CI

This enhancement applies to the seat/map API. Click for more details about this API.