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Development Workflow for Notifications

All Red App notifications require you to modify an Activator class to access INotificationService. In addition, all notifications require the Notification entity object. The Notification entity object includes all information in the notification, which is the title of the dialog, the priority, the text content, a left side bar, and the time of display. Although this basic content is everything that you need to create and run a notification, you can use additional methods in the Notification entity object.

  1. Add an Activator class and the required dependencies to your plug-in.

  2. Create access to the INotificationService by modifying the Activator class to handle the new service.

  3. Add Java code that creates one of the following types of notifications: basic text, More Details link, or custom.

        The placement of a More details link on a notification requires a listener. The listener must implement the Listener interface provided by SWT.

        A custom notification requires a composite to hold all the widgets that the notification needs.

  1. (Optional) Add Java code that defines behavior for the notification. Your code can either destroy or replace the notification.