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Development Workflow for Internationalization

Your plug-in project must have text labels that you want to translate, and an Activator class.

  1. When you begin the preparations for internationalization, add a new Java Messages class as an extension of com.sabre.edge.platform.core.nls.EdgeNLS.

  2. In your code, add String fields for all labels or text.

  3. Prepare message properties files for English and all other languages that you wish to translate. In these files, add the string fields with their values as key-value pairs, and then add Java code to access the string fields. The string fields in the Java code must also be present in the message properties files.

  4. Encode all text in Unicode. Do not use native format.

  5. If your plugin.xml file defines labels or text that appears on the Sabre Red 360 GUI, localize the XML files. Prepare plug-in properties files for English and all languages that you want to translate. In these files, add the labels and text that are present in plugin.xml as key-value pairs. In the plugin.xml, substitute the value of the text with % and the key name.

  6. Modify your run configuration to display your application in the language that you set. Verify that your application displays your selected language.