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Development Workflow for ConfigService

  1. You can either create a file for your configuration properties or you can use the existing file. The file must have the .properties extension. Place the file in the directory of the plug-in in which you want to use ConfigService.

  2. In the file, add the configuration properties that you want in the form of key=value pairs.

  3. Add the extension to your plug-in. Add a new contributor element to this extension. In the file property of the contributor element, point to your configuration properties file.

  4. Either add or update the Activator class in the plug-in by extending com.sabre.edge.platform.core.common.plugin.base.AbstractEdgeBasePlugin.

  5. Obtain a reference to ConfigService both inside and outside the Activator class.

  6. Obtain the configuration properties that are specific to the plug-in. Add the methods for your property value type to your Java code.