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Detailed Booking Execution

Vehicle Booking Key

If you choose to call this API using the Booking Key path, you must first obtain a Vehicle Booking Key. You can obtain this from the Vehicle Price Check (SOAP | REST) API response.

Important! The Vehicle Booking Key is valid for up to eight (8) minutes.

Next, pass the Vehicle Booking Key at /EnhancedVehBookRQ/VehBook/BookingInfo/BookingKey:


<EnhancedVehBookRQ version="1.0.0" xmlns="">

The Enhanced Vehicle Book API will automatically decode the booking key, obtain vehicle details, pick-up/return times, rate details, and loyalty programs.

Traditional "Longsell"

If you choose the Longsell booking path, you must send all required data to book a vehicle in the call. To obtain this information, utilize the Car Shopping (SOAP | REST) API response.

Your request payload should contain the following:

  • Pick up date and time: …/VehBookLongSell/VehRentalCore/@PickUpDate and @PickUpTime
  • Return date and time: …/VehBookLongSell/VehRentalCore/@ReturnDate and @ReturnTime
  • Number of vehicles to be booked: …/VehBookLongSell/VehRentalCore/@Quantity
  • Vehicle pick up location (such as airport code): …/VehBookLongSell/VehRentalCore/PickUpLocation/@LocationCode
  • Vehicle vendor code: …/VehBookLongSell/VendorPrefs/VendorPref/@Code
  • Vehicle type: …/VehBookLongSell/VehPrefs/VehPref/VehType

Note: Refer to the Vehicle Type Code Matrix for a full list of values.

  • Payment information:
    • …/VehBookLongSell/RentalPaymentPrefs/GuaranteePrepaid/@Type=”GUARANTEE”
    • …/VehBookLongSell/RentalPaymentPrefs/GuaranteePrepaid/@Type=”DEPOSIT”
  • You may also book special equipment (such as booster seats, GPS, etc.) by means of passing: …/VehBookLongSell/CarExtrasPrefs/CarExtrasPref[n]/@Type

Note: Refer to the Sabre Car Special Equipment Code Matrix for a full list of values.

  • If you wish to pass any rate preferences (rate codes, customer loyalty codes), use: …/VehicleBook/RatePrefs

Note: Refer to the Get Vehicle Availability User Guide for more information on Rate Preferences.

Longsell Extended Location Codes

If the shopping response indicates that the vehicle pick-up/return extended location code differs from the regular location code:


<PickUpLocation LocationCode="DFW" ExtendedLocationCode="N001" />       <ReturnLocation LocationCode="LAX" ExtendedLocationCode="N001"/>

Combine the values of @LocationCode and @ExtendedLocationCode and send them as shown in the below example at …/VehBookLongSell/VehRentalCore/:

    <PickUpLocation LocationCode="DFW" ExtendedLocationCode="DFWN001"/>
    <ReturnLocation LocationCode="LAXN001"/>

Booking Method (Guarantee or Deposit)

To book vehicle content, a booking method must first be specified. The two most common options are guarantee or deposit, indicated via the following elements in the request:

/EnhancedVehBookRQ/VehBook/RentalPaymentPrefs/GuaranteePrepaid/@Type /EnhancedVehBookRQ/VehBookLongSell/RentalPaymentPrefs/GuaranteePrepaid/@Type

The API accepts two values in this attribute: GUARANTEE or DEPOSIT.

Note: @Type="GUARANTEE" and a credit card form of payment is the most common method for booking vehicle content, but ensure to first validate specific criteria by vendor.